Fire Department

Fire Chief: Brandon Ehret
Mailing Address: PO Box 444, Lake Park, IA 51347
Physical Address: 21 Avenue A West, Lake Park, IA
Phone: 712-832-3497 or 712-832-3527

Firefighters work to put out a house fire near Lake Park in 2015.Welcome to the Lake Park Fire Department. Since being established on May 18, 1903, the Department has responded to all types of situations including fires, traffic accidents and situations involving hazardous materials. The LPFD protects an area approximately 100 square miles in size bordered by County Road A34 on the south and reaching three miles into Jackson County, Minnesota; and from the Osceola County line to just west of Montgomery. The members of the Department take pride in serving their community.

The Department

The Lake Park Fire Department is made up of 25 members. Each member has gone through or will soon be going through Firefighter I training which teaches each member the fundamentals of the job, trucks and personal protection that it takes to fulfill the many jobs one may be asked to do. In addition to the hours of training and hands on knowledge that it takes to do the job it also takes monthly trainings in the department to keep up to date on the equipment, gear and trucks that the department utilizes. A number of things are required in order to make a department successful, such as strong and supportive leadership, hardworking and dedicated members, forward thinking and supportive City leadership and businesses along with an understanding and devoted community. Without this strong foundation we wouldn't be where we are today.

As we look ahead we start to work towards the updating of equipment and protective gear for our members. Our City, Townships and community members have helped us with some of the protective gear the members wear and a grass truck, but as other equipment becomes out dated the Department has had to take measures to replace other equipment such as our Pierce Fire Truck and replace it with a newer style pumper. In order to defray costs of some of the equipment the Department has taken on fundraising and some of the initial burden of the cost of the equipment themselves. Some of the items including the New Pumper is a set of extrication equipment, grain bin rescue and rope equipment and a thermal camera.

As members of the community and townships, each member is aware of the financial responsibility to our community along with the importance of safety and properly working equipment which is necessary to keep our community and surrounding areas safe.

The Station

The Lake Park Fire Station received a face-lift in the summer of 2016.The home of the fire department is the fire station located in the heart of downtown Lake Park on Avenue A West. This building houses 5 fire trucks, 1 John Deere Gator (donated by Noteboom Implement), grain bin rescue trailer with equipment, fire gear for all 25 members along with a meeting room and office.

The building was built around 1979 and has become very useful to other organizations including Township boards, Lake Park Town and Country Boosters and others.


Lake Park Fire Department has multiple fundraisers throughout the year including but not limited to an omelet feed in the spring, a raffle and cruise-in dinner during Farmers Appreciation Days, and the spaghetti supper in the fall. These fundraisers help the department offset the cost of new equipment and purchases outside of the budget that is set by the City of Lake Park and surrounding townships. Currently these fundraisers are helping to pay off the new jaws equipment that is used for vehicle extrication, rope rescue gear and equipment for the grain bin rescue trailer and also the new pumper. Some may question why the members of the department do so many fundraisers. The reason is so we can better serve the members of our community and surrounding communities. We greatly appreciate all those that help us and give us that opportunity. If you would like to donate to the Lake Park Fire Department, please feel free to send a check to the Lake Park Fire Department, PO Box 444, Lake Park, Iowa 51347. Thank your for all your support!!

What does it take to be a firefighter?

Simply have a desire and heart to help others in their worst moments and to train for moments you pray will never happen. Beyond that it is as easy as talking to any of our current members or Fire Chief Brandon Ehret. Each member is required to be at least 18 years of age, become certified in CPR and pass the Fire Fighter I certification including hazmat certification. Human instinct is to run away from a fire — firefighters are the few who run towards the dangers they are called upon to help with. It takes a special individual to risk their lives for complete strangers regardless of what dangers may be before them. If this interests you, we encourage you to contact us today!

What is Mutual Aid?

The fire department relied heavily on mutual aid to battle the downtown fire on December 28, 2008. Ten other departments assisted Lake Park that day.Mutual Aid is the support that is given to other fire departments when a situation becomes to large for any one department to handle themselves. In the past years Lake Park Fire Department has been called to assist with grass fires, hay bale fires, and an apartment fire, just to name a few. These are all instances where the department gets to work side by side with other community departments. We are very fortunate to live in an area where every department depends on each other for help and knows that when a call goes out for mutual aid there will be someone there to respond.

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