History of Lake Park: 1925-1949

Businesses in 1926 included: Iowa Trust and Savings Bank, Dieterich and Wright - Harness, J.F. Anderson Lumber Co., Siehl and Horton, Autos and Repairs, Jos. A. Smith Lumber, Farmers Exchange, Greig and Son, Theo. Sindt Grain Co., Hamann Brady, H.T.P. Hanson, S.T. Mapson Jeweler and Produce, A.E. Shaefer Jeweler and Music, J.W. Emerson General Merchandise, Abe Goldstein, Lake Park State Bank, W.H. Hageboeck, F.M. Schreoder General Merchandise, Ahrens and Beck Clothing, Julius Jacobsen and Son - Meat Market, and H.T. Ober Hardware.

On January 1, 1931, the new State Theatre was officially opened. A.H. Stoltenberg was the owner of the building.

In 1932 you could buy a new Chevrolet Coach for $619.00.

On February 6, 1936, a two-day blizzard stopped all activity in the region. Temperatures dropped to minus 25 and the train was held up in Worthington for nine days. The plows on the trains had to barrel through the drifts at 35 to 40 miles per hour to get through. The depot had to board up windows to prevent them from breaking when the trains blew through.

A fire on July 16, 1936, destroyed the Lumber Yard, the Elevator and the Depot and caused $58,000 in damage.

The Chamber of Commerce was formed on May 14, 1937 with 42 businesses being represented, known then, however, as the Commercial Club.

On August 5, 1937, the N.P.A. project of riprapping the shores of the lake began. Ten men used old concrete from the former Anderson Lumber Yard.

On September 29, 1938, it was announced that October 1 would be pavement dedication day as Main Street as well as the spur known as highway 219 was paved.

On Memorial Day, 1942, a tornado swept through the area, destroying many farm buildings. One residence that was hit was the Vern Schwarzenbach farm. There, it destroyed a new hog house, silo and machine shed, a barn, chicken house and a windmill. Boards were driven four feet into the ground and the house was heavily damaged. MORE>>

Other farms hit were those owned by Fred Lundbeck, Lee McClain, C.L. Teale, Palmer Bush, Henry Ihnen, Dale Byers and Herman Wunder.

The first Lutheran Church service was held in Lake Park on August 2, 1942.

1943: Overalls were priced from 98 cents to $2.00.

Arco Dehydrating begins operations in 1948.

On January 16, 1949, a fire at the Arco Dehydrating Plant destroyed nine hundred tons of alfalfa meal. Total damage including the alfalfa and building were $114,000. The work of the firemen kept this fire from spreading to nearby buildings and causing more damage.

The new light plant began operations at the end of May in 1949. By May, 1950, everyone in Lake Park was using electricity from the Municipal Light Plant.