Residential garbage pickup from October 1 through April 30 will be on Fridays. Residential garbage pickup from May 1 through September 30 will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. Commercial pickup is Tuesday and Friday year round.

The following will not be accepted in the garbage:


Increases in the recycling & garbage rates have caused the city to also increase the rates to our residents. Beginning July 1, 2019, the new rates will be as follows:


Commercial (without dumpster)

Commercial (with privately owned dumpster)

Commercial (with rented dumpster)

With both the recycling and garbage, we are billed by address whether they pick up or not. You will be billed for this whether you use it or not. Keep in mind that recycling keeps excess waste from going to the land fill which helps keep garbage rates down.

There is a cardboard dumpster located at the city shed if you have excess cardboard to dispose of.


Residents of Lake Park must purchase tags in order to have the following items collected:

No items will be picked up unless an orange tag is attached. Tags may be purchased at the City Clerk's office. The tag system is in effect all year and charges may change accordingly as landfill fees change.