The History of Lake Park Municipal Utilities

The new electric plant went online in 2005.The present water tower was built in 1910 and in 1938, water pumping began from Silver Lake. In 1970, the water plant was completed. Later, the City's water supply would come from Osceola County Rural Water instead of from Silver Lake.

The Municipal Light Plant was built in 1948 at a cost of $150,000. That same year, the Board of Trustees for the Utilities was organized to oversee the electric and water operations. In 1949 the electric plant began operations and by May 1950 all users were on the municipal circuit. In 1961 the City began purchasing power from the Bureau of Reclamation with the plant being used in a backup capacity. Following a small explosion in 2002, the Utilities began exploring the option of building a new generating facility and electric office. Construction began in 2004 with the facility up and running in 2005, now able to generate power to the entire city.

In 1982, voters declined to renew a franchise with Peoples Natural Gas and instead chose to form a municipal gas distribution system at a cost of $200,000 for the 15-year old system. In 1984, the gas meters were read by Peoples for the last time.