Community holds veterans in high esteem

Dickinson County News PhotoJackie Westover — in the dress and character of Lady Liberty — gave out a few high fives as she exited the Lake Park Elementary gymnasium Friday morning. Westover was the featured speaker during the school's Veterans Day program this year.Dickinson County News PhotoLake Park Elementary's gymnasium served as hallowed ground during this year's Veterans Day program. Students rose as volunteers from American Legion Post #371 presented the colors. Post Commander James Kessler's voice wavered briefly as he thanked the students for their show of respect. But Kessler surrendered his microphone to the featured speaker of the day — Lady Liberty.

Jackie Westover of Correctionville rounded the corner of the gymnasium bleachers, dressed as the iconic statue and was met with a few gasps from excited students. Westover introduced herself in character, saying she had just come from sunny New York, where she holds her torch high in welcome to all entering the United States.

“When people look at me, they think about their freedoms and the great country we live in,” Westover said.

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