Fall outdoor clean-up reminders

As fall approaches we often turn to yard clean-up before the snow flies. Just a few reminders:

  • Landscape waste/Grass/Leaves: DO NOT put this waste in the garbage bins or dumpsters. There is a drop off spot for waste located at the city shed. The disposal of waste, originating on the premises, by open burning is allowed.
  • Burning: Burning shall only be allowed North of Railroad St on even numbered days and South of Railroad St. on odd numbered days. Recreational fires are allowed at any time.
  • Tree Trimming: It is the responsibility of the property owner to keep trees overhanging the streets/alleys trimmed so that all branches will be at least 15ft above the street surface.  Branches may be disposed of at the City Shed. Lengths no longer than 10ft would be greatly appreciated. To those of you who have taken care of this, THANK YOU!
  • Weed growth above 10” on your property, unlicensed/inoperable vehicles, appliances, mattresses, furniture and junk are all items that need to be removed from your yard to avoid a nuisance warning. If you are unsure, call City Hall at 712-832-3527