Our Town

The original high school building completed in 1904 with the addition.This section of our website explores the things that make Lake Park the great community it is.

Numerous businesses call Lake Park home. We've listed those businesses here to help you shop locally and support your hometown stores.

The Harris-Lake Park School District has educated generations of students over the years and won awards for the quality of education it provides our young people.

The first settlement in the area occurred in the 1860s. Lake Park was later incorporated in 1892, ten years after the railroad pushed through the area. Over the past 150 years the town and community has endured fires, blizzards, tornadoes and other calamities that have tested the towns strength; yet, Lake Park continues to flourish to this day.

No community can totally survive without the help of volunteers and organizations. Lake Park has several groups that contribute to the well-being of the area. Along with the organizations, Lake Park has three churches that provide spiritual leadership for its citizens.

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