LPMU reminds homeowners to clear snow away from gas meters

Is your gas meter buried in the snow? If so, please carefully dig it out or it will stop regulating and you will be without heat! If you need help digging out your meter, call the Utility office (832-3667) and they'll help you out!

Other safety tips:

  • Snow and ice can damage or block natural gas meters and exhaust vents for appliances. Chimneys and vents on the roof or side of a building must be clear to allow proper venting which prevents equipment malfunction or accumulation of carbon monoxide.
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms and carefully follow the mfg. directions for operation, placement and maintenance. Keep your family safe get a CO detector installed.
  • Know the warning signs of CO poisoning. CO is a deadly, colorless and tasteless gas.  Signs of CO poisoning include dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, confusion, nausea and fainting.
  • Do you smell the odor of rotten eggs? Do you hear hissing or whistling sounds around gas appliances or meter? These may be signs of a natural gas leak. Contact your local utilities.