City Park Criminal Mischief

It has been brought to the attention of the Police Department that individuals are hanging, sitting, and having photos taken of them being on top of the basketball hoops at the City Park. This is not the intended use of the basketball hoops.

The park and all amenities associated with it were funded by the. City using money collected from taxes, grants, and donations, therefore using property/amenities for other than there intended purpose constitutes criminal behavior.

The Code of Iowa, specifically Chapter 716.1 (Criminal Mischief) references damage, destruction, alteration, defacing, of property when done intentionally with no right to do so. By allowing a person to climb the pole and sit on the hoop is damaging to the pole and the basketball hoop itself, a person does not have the right to do so.

The Police Department would like to work with our citizens to get this action stopped. If you have contributed to this behavior please stop immediately, otherwise criminal charges can/will be filed.

Please help us to keep our park equipment in good shape, to be enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks for your cooperation!


Chief Tony Urwin
Lake Park Police Department

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